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ZIMBO, demonym for a Zimbabwean person, is also an acronym for our organisation: Zimbabwean Bicycles & Outreach (ZIMBO).

ZIMBO is a Zimbabwean run organisation founded by Jacqueline Tizora. It is partly based in the Netherlands, where Jacqueline is currently studying. The goal of the organisation is to improve the living standards of the most vulnerable in Zimbabwe most impacted by the current situation by supplying them with bicycles from the Netherlands. The Netherlands division is responsible for collecting bicycles and sourcing funds to ship to Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean division that is run by Angelbert Deketeke oversees the successful reception of the bicycles into the country as well as the rolling out of bike related projects and outreach. 


Our vision is to harness the power of the people and the utility of bicycles to transform the country into one that is powered by the people and assisted through urban planning.


Our primary objective is to empower rural communities economically and socially, something we aim to do by equipping them with bicycles and skills.


Our priority is re-engaging the most marginalised. We adopt a radically intersectional approach to alleviating and addressing systematic issues that befall women and the elderly.

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