Founder’s Comments

Commentary by ZIMBO founder, Jacqueline.

Why does ZIMBO matter to me?

“My family is from a rural village in Zimbabwe called Sagambe. Although I never grew up in the rural areas my grandfather grew up there and this is what inspired me to start this NGO. I see small ways in which I could mobilise my privilege of studying in Amsterdam to make life better for people that live in rural Zimbabwe.

After moving to South Africa and being a poor young woman in Cape Town, I remember having to use public transport to get anywhere I needed to go. It was cheap, but also unreliable.

So, to get to school/work/anywhere I had to rely on minibuses. Eventually I decided to get a bicycle. Everyone, even my mother advised me against it because of how dangerous it is to be one of few cyclists on the road in Cape Town where drivers have killed a number of cyclists. This buy TRANSFORMED the quality of my life.

I was able to: travel at my convenience, it was much faster than any mode of public transport, get a great workout and it cost me nothing! I know how impactful a bicycle can be and this is why I developed this organisation because in a country with more bicycles than people, and with many going to waste, I know someone from where I am from would appreciate owning a bicycle.