Mission Statement

Our primary objective is to empower people economically and socially, something we aim to do by equipping them with bicycles and skills.

A simple invention like a bicycle is bound to change the lives of many. If every rural family had one bicycle it would be as big an asset as a family car would. It provides many possibilities for people to benefit from earning an income to transport to work and school. Additionally, bicycles can also be adapted and attached to wheelchairs providing disabled people the same benefits having a bike has.

My cousin Tinotenda who has been a big inspiration for this project. She has to fetch water daily for her family and I see the ways in which a bicycle would save her hours a day and leave her more time to be a child.

ZIMBO aims to bring about change by approaching European city municipalities and institutions like universities to donate their impounded and unclaimed bicycles to our organisation. The bikes will then be shipped to Zimbabwe via South Africa or Mozambique. We are also working with an indigenous church, The Apostolic Faith And Acts Church (AFAC) to assist us in importing the bicycles duty free and we will collaborate on the outreach programmes in some of the communities that they have identified as most critical based on their experience. The church’s role is to introduce ZIMBO to the community, and the collaboration we have is no different from the kind one would have with the chief of a village. ZIMBO, however, is a non-secular organisation. So there are no religious requirements to fulfil to be part of the ZIMBO family or even receive a bicycle. 

One of the community’s few bicycle owners