ZIMBO’s Future Ventures

Internet Cafes

A future venture of ZIMBO’s is setting up internet cafés. The internet café will also host workshops to improve digital and computer literacy among disadvantaged people, especially the youth and the elderly.

Rural based Sports Academy

This academy will provide basic schooling in essential subjects like mathematics and life orientation (skills) and will instead focus on mentoring structurally disadvantaged children by exposing them to an array of sport activities from tennis to rugby and soccer.

Biodynamic Permaculture Farming

Climate change has already started to affect Zimbabwe as can be seen in the recent cyclones that ravaged parts of the country as well as Matebeleland South seeing the worst drought in recent years. It would be remiss of ZIMBO to not also address environmental pressures and issues Zimbabwe is faced with as climate change has its greatest impact on the poor. This has a direct effect on agriculture and food production, which has as ripple effects across the country. So we have a few permaculture projects in store.