ZIMBO Strategy

Merely handing out bikes without addressing structural issues in the communities we hand them out in, would be a missed opportunity to effect structural change. So, along with bicycle drives we have come up with community projects to uplift and engage all members of the communities we are working in. We have earmarked a pilot region to uplift, Matebeleland North. This a predominantly Ndebele region which has been affected by two cyclones and is currently going through a drought.

Our strategy is to work from community to community: implement bikes and the relevant initiatives as decided by the community and once all have been implemented, move on to the next community.

Inyati: Rural Women’s Economic Hub

An exciting project ZIMBO is currently working on is creating a rural women’s economic empowerment hub in Inyati, 50kms from Bulawayo.

The hub, which will be home to ZIMBO’s first supermarket (ZIMBOMART) and a small scale sanitary pad factory (MALAIKA), will be run and managed by rural women of all ages from the surrounding community.

ZIMBO Support

A key component of ZIMBO’s strategy includes working with existing community and upliftment structures. We believe that we are stronger as a combined force than as individual entities.

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