ZIMBO Produce

ZIMBO’s latest project is sustainable farming.
note from ZIMBO Regional Director, Angelbert:

ZIMBO Produce is currently operating from Bradfield and Kensington, Bulawayo.


The Bradfield plot is a small backyard garden which has iceberg and fancy lettuce as well as herbs comprising of rocket, basil, celery and thyme. The Bradfield plot also cultivates oyster mushrooms which all have been earmarked to be sold to other supermarkets in Zimbabwe.


The Kensington plot has strawberry plants, lettuce heads, as well as kale (covo).

Covo is an everyday essential for most Zimbabwean families. The covo we harvest which we target at selling to market vendors who will repackage the bundles into smaller bundles and sell these at high density markets and down town to the working class who buy relish daily for their families on their way home from work.


ZIMBO has decided to not sell its own produce in its ZIMBOMART supermarkets. ZIMBO produce is aimed at supplying quality organic produce to two different demographics in Zimbabwe.

Poor or working class families mostly eat traditional foods like covo and sadza daily and have no use for produce like mushrooms and lettuce, which the middle class do. Lettuce, strawberries and mushrooms are hard to come by in Zimbabwe and are often imported, so we have decided to tap into this market and create an affordable range of local produce.

For essential items like covo and tomatoes, we have decided to target these at vendors who will sell these at markets in high density areas where the poor and working class reside. With this approach we do not flood the existing vendor market, but instead aid it.

Market vendors in Zimbabwe are mostly women, so this approach allows ZIMBO to empower women who are already vendors economically by providing them with affordable and quality produce to sell. ZIMBO will also empower many more women who want to be fruit vendors for a stable source of income, but cannot afford seeds or land to start producing their own produce to sell. Vending at markets can also be done by women of all ages, so ZIMBO would provide poor elderly women and men the opportunity to generate an income.

ZIMBOMART’s goal is simple: to make essential food items affordable and accessible to all Zimbabweans. Selling ZIMBO produce for the same price or even cheaper than local vendors would undercut the existing market. So this approach allows ZIMBO to indirectly employ more women through ZIMBO Produce and with extra attention being paid to elderly women. A symbiotic relationship model, that benefits the entire country.