ZIMBO Showrooms

ZIMBO will sell a small fraction of the bikes received to fund community initiatives, NGO upkeep and pay for services.

The bikes for sale will be on display and stored from our showroom in Bulawayo that will also double up as a café and social hub. The coffee shop will have Wi-Fi access and also be a trendy hangout spot for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Here anyone will be able to buy/rent a bicycle. A portion of bikes for sale will also be reserved for individuals involved in community upliftment for example, healthcare practitioners and teachers in rural areas as this would allow them to travel to see more people.

The warehouse will also have trained mechanics that will be tasked with refurbishing incoming bicycles before distributing and selling, and will also able to repair the public’s bicycles at a small cost. The warehouse will also have all basic bike accessories for sale. The ZIMBO showroom will employ a number of people in the café and workshop.

One of the community’s entrepreneurs that ZIMBO warehouses/community centres could empower, by offering them a job at the community centre to repair bikes for the community