Jacqueline Tizora

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jacqueline is Zimbabwean born and South African bred Black radical feminist with a keen interest in African feminist thought and affairs. Besides being a full-time MSc student, she is also recently the founder of ZIMBO based in Zimbabwe which aims to engage and prioritise the poorest and most vulnerable groups in (rural) Zimbabwe.

Angelbert Deketeke
Director: Southern Africa

Angelbert Marikiti Deketeke is a social entrepreneur with passion for the upliftment of women and children in Zimbabwe where patriarchy is deeply embedded in our culture. Angelbert has a Marketing and Trading Background and is involved in various charity initiatives including setting up a Moringa Plantation and Value Addition Project for an Orphanage looking after about 4000 mostly HIV and Aids orphans in Mashonaland East. Currently managing two building projects: a church owned trust’s Hospital (100 bed) and boarding school (1600 kids from minor to A Level). Angelbert has also set up numerous Women and Youth Empowerment Initiatives in Rural Matabeleland in soap, detergent, household detergent manufacturing, school uniform sewing, welding, production of oyster mushrooms, fish farming etc. all in a bid to alleviate hunger, malnutrition and stop rural to urban migration.