Inyati Women’s Hub

About 50kms from Bulawayo, there is an area called Inyati. Inyati is a gold mining and farming rural business centre in which ZIMBO has managed to secure a humble shopping complex. The complex has 4 shop like stores of 8x8metres each. ZIMBO plans to turn the business centre into a rural women’s economic empowerment hub run and managed by rural women.

ZIMBO will convert 2 of the 4 stores into a ZIMBOMART – A sustainable , affordable and ‘plastic free’ supermarket. The first of its kind in Zimbabwe and only the second in Africa. ZIMBOMART’s goal is simple: to make essential food items affordable and accessible to all Zimbabweans.

All goods sold at ZIMBOMART would be sourced locally by rural communities and therefore would be most affordable supermarket in the entire country void of imported products. The cost of packaged food owes about 15% – 40% of the cost of the packaging itself, so this would make ZIMBOMART even more competitive than it already is. All staff employed at the hub will be women, of all ages, from Inyati.

The other two stores would be converted in a small scale organic sanitary pad factory and packaging centre run by rural women. Here ZIMBO branded pads called Malaika, angel in Swahili, will be produced. This factory would employ at least 10 women initially, but will grow exponentially as we distribute all over the country making sanitary ware affordable and accessible for all.

The packaging centre will package food for ZIMBOMART and pads to distribute nationwide.

This economic hub will provide women from Inyati and surrounding communities a safe space to collaborate and cocreate.